Hello Friends & Fellow Foodies.

My name is Harriet and the most important thing to know about me I that I love food. I always have from a young age. I can’t remember a time which I didn’t like to just eat! And trust me when I say, I eat everything. The most exciting thing for me is when someone suggests a new place to eat. Of course, we all have our favourite foods and love routine and tradition but I think away from our meal routines and familiarity our taste buds thrive! 

So this evening, I decided to start a food blog. With pending trips to restaurants ahead and a holiday to Rome, in which I intend to eat my way around, I wanted to share my food experiences, lessons, disasters, good times and ideas with an audience as I explore my twenties in the best way. Through my love of food.

My blog will be quite simple but still tasty so scroll for so!e foodie adventures.

New “Hungry Humpday” reviews on Wednesdays!

Welcome to my blog
Harriet (BigPhatFoodie) ❤

Photo: a very syrupy breakfast balanced out with a green tea

Alla Rampa Dei Gracchi 

Alla Rampa  will be remembered by me for two reasons, firstly: they had the most tasty fried mozzarella I have ever tasted. It was just the perfect temperature, texture and taste. And secondly, the customer service. Unfortunately, and I’m so sorry, but I did forget my waiters name before writing this post but he was a lovely older gentleman who told me all about his daughter currently studying in England. So polite and chatty and made sure we were happy and comfortable throughout the meal.

But this blog is about the food, so I’m super pleased to say the pizza, that was as big as my head, if not bigger (not New York big, but bigger than a UK restaurant) and delicious. I had a thin crust, mozzarella and spicy salami and it was delicious. They did a range of dishes there, I saw all sorts of meats and seafood: but after a long day of exploring I honestly feel nothing is better than a big pizza to finish off the day.

Picture: Pizzas 🙂

So of you’re around the vatican, its about a ten minute walk away, well priced and great food with great service 🙂

Thank you Alla Rampa!

Thanks for reading, 
Harriet (BigPhatFoodie) ❤

Quarto: The Best Burger in Rome?

This week was my first trip to Rome, and even though I expected to be filling myself up with every different type of pasta under the sun (as at this point in my life: it is my absolutely favorite food) I didn’t. Infact, as you can see from the title, I went and had a burger during one of my three evenings. And unfortunately this is going to be my only one of two blog posts from my trip to Rome.

Quarto was listed on the door as the best burger in Rome and if I’m truly honest – it might be. But definitely not the best burger I have ever had. 

By choice, we sat outside. Unfortunately got seated by the waiter on the side closest to the road so conversation was mostly drowned out by the sounds of reving scooters and cars beeping as they waited for the traffic lights to change.

The burgers themselves were nothing too special. I had some form of Bacon burger whilst my partner had a double patty cheese burger. I personally found the burger patties were very bland, not much seasoning and although the cheese and bacon made up for it with flavour I feel that I’ve eaten better.

Pictured: My Chosen Burger

The burgers also came individually without sides and there was not much to choose from in terms of sides I found. But feel free to check it out for yourself and let me know.

So unfortunately, not the best burger but if you do want a mix from traditional Italian dishes, I’d recommended hitting it up!
Thanks for reading

Harriet (BigPhatFoodie) ❤

Rub Smokehouse Bar and Grill Birmingham 


I went to Rub originally to try the new food challenge of the Nugzilla, over 80 nuggets in one giant nugget!  However, when I queried it not being on the menu and if available – how to order it, the waiter said that it was pretty much impossible to get on the weekend due to it being trend on facebook, over 100 people a day were ordering the Nugzilla  since its release leaving Rub short on supplies. 

But not to fear, I will be definitely taking on that challenge at some point in the future!

Luckily for me, and for you, Rub is a heaven of good food so there’s enough to choose from to not be disheartened. Between the four of us, we decide to order a “2 person share” menu in the Hungdrawn and Quartered menu which is a platter of various things to try and I recommend as a first experience of Rub Smokehouse. With the 2 person sharer, you get 4 sides to choose from too! We also ordered honey chicken strips as a starter and pork crackling as an appetizer, which I asked for all at once rather than it separate courses. This may have been a mistake.t

There was not much space left on our table!!  Corndogs, sliders, brisket, chicken and so much more to try and it was utterly delicious. Everything was full of flavour and cooked to perfection. The brisket was similar to the street vendors of New York I have tried in the past, just perfection.

The one thing I longed to try in my adventures of New York but never got round to was the staple of american fast food : the CORNDOG. Thanks to Rub I finally got to try one and it was as good as I has expected it to be! 

The crackling was perfect too and came with apple sauce, as were the honey chicken strips: a great combination of sweet and savoury. 

This platter was made for two but I feel between the four of us there was still a bit of food leftover despite me eating as much as I physically could…

Me being amazed at how good this chicken was!

 Although I would recommend saving room to dessert as there desserts are just as good…
The waiter was great and played long as we decided to order the dessert without some of our party knowing what the dessert was. I personally asked for the dessert without Reeces pieces and cups like it originally comes with, but thats personal preference and I throughly recommend the one we chose….

The croizonne sharing boat! 

The base is croissants, topped with waffles, nutella, brownie, cookie, icecream and strawberries. It was a delicious sharing treat which had hidden pools of nutella throughout. (My mouth is watering just thinking about it) and after eating my body weight in meat it was a great way to change the record, and also mix it up for your tastebuds and quite literally fill yourself to the brim.If you’re more of dessert lover they also do the “kitchen sink” dessert which as you can imagine is huge but did look great!

Rubs itself have lovely staff, places to take photos and selfies with props, a school food hall crossed with american vibe but with food that is so good you’ll forget what food you associate with school and you will not regret the food experience or the chilled atmosphere at Rubs.
10/10 for taste, experience, staff && I can’t wait to eat there or at another Rub as soon as I get the chance!!!

Thanks for reading,

Harriet (BigPhatFoodie). ❤